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All our soaps are handmade with the unique purpose to make the best soap possible. Then only our french designer adds his original touch, his specific scents notes...


100% Organic, we invite everyone to challenge our license or come visit our production


Shea products: for super hydratation on burst and suitable for daily use.

Activated charcoal: mostly for oily skins, very good against acne, A.C. provides flawless skin by reducing pore size and treating eczema. 

Grey clay: stimulate and bring brightness while removing toxins and pollutants

 Goat Milk: prevent premature aging by maintaining the pH balance, keeping skin acne free and relieving irritations and inflammations 

Natural base ingredients: Olive oil, coconut butter, castor oil, cacao butter and mango butter.


All oils and butters come from organic plantations

Vegan: No product from animals except goat milk and honey

Our labs don’t test products on animals

No palm oil in any soap

pH neutral

Scent: Based on freesia notes and fresh spring flowers
75g net per soap, last 3 to 5 months for face use 


Château Blanc

200.000₫ Giá thông thường
60.000₫Giá bán rẻ
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